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Abyss Adornment

Autumn has been piercing for 10 years, she is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft! She takes pride in staying up to date with modern piercing knowledge, so she can provide you a high quality piercing service.

She loves curating piercings, if you want a piercing but are unsure what to get, or what will suit your anatomy best, she's got you covered. She is very honest, patient and attentive to detail, to make sure you are happy, relaxed and feeling confident about the piercing and healing process! She loves to take the time to educate clients on all aspects of their piercing that will be beneficial to overall success.

She has an amazing jewelry selection that will adorn your piercing beautifully and also assist your piercing in the healing process with its high quality material and polished surface finish.
Don't hesitate to reach out, she is very friendly & accommodating  and will gladly answer any questions you may have!


For a faster response, please text 587-317-5130, or message Autumn on instagram. @abyssadornment

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