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  • How do I book a consultation/tattoo appointment?
    There are many ways, BUT, preferably, we recommend you don't be shy and give us a call at the shop, 780-570-0373 OR You can email us, ! We do try to be as responsive as possible on social media , but being spread over so many outlets we try to encourage phoning in or emailing to ensure we get to back to you promptly. Please note ❤️ We receive many calls and emails day to day and we get to the phone/computer when we aren’t zappin tattoos or piercing. We appreciate your patience and look forward to getting you booked in asap! To make the booking process go as smoothly as possible please read through, to ensure you have given us all the information needed. Tattoo Inquiries, please include; Reference photo(s) of design, If available Preferred artist (If you are comfortable with us choosing that's cool too!) Placement on body and size estimate in inches Color or Black and Gray? Script Tattoos, Please pick out a font from Dates/times that work best for you to come in! Piercing Inquiries, please include; The type of piercing or service you need, (Ex: Jewelry change,downsize) Dates/times that work best for you to come in! Thank you, Anthem
  • Is it safe to get Tattooed? Are you health board approved?
    YES! AND, Anthem Tattoo Co. (ATC) is 100% fully disposable! That means we do not reuse ANY piece of tattoo equipment or materials that have been used in a previous set up. ATC and it's artists are all Certified under the Health Educators and have in depth bloodborne pathogen and cross contamination prevention training and have the certificates to prove it. We work hard to meet and exceed Alberta Health Board regulations and standards and take pride in our ability to say we offer you a clean and safe environment for everyone to get tattooed!
  • Do I tip my artist?
    Although they are not expected, Tips, of course, are always appreciated. Cash is always a go to, but dont be shy, get to know your artist, and maybe spoil them with a gift of something cool and unique to put on display and make everyone jealous!
  • What forms of payment do you take? What are your deposit policies?
    We are a CASH ONLY business. There are ATM's and institutions close to us, but your best bet is to come prepared with cash on hand. Our hourly rate is $195hr and a $120.00 minimum charge. We require a $100.00 (non-refundable) deposit for all tattoos, deposit amounts may vary based on the scope of your project but will not be anything lower than $100.00 ​ ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. To transfer a deposit, any changes to an appointment must be made at least 24 hours prior, or all deposit will be absorbed and will be required to place another.
  • Where are you? What are your hours?
    We are located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada! 408, 222 Baseline Road, tucked in nicely beside Local and Cora's. You can find us there Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am-7 pm, and certain artists by appointment on Sunday/Mondays. 780-570-0373
  • How old do I have to be to get tattooed?
    gottsa be 18.
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