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Our relationships with our clients matter most. Here are some stories about the experiences had with our artists. 


We have a lot of guest artists come through here at Guru tattoo. Over the years some stick out in my mind more than others and Clark was definitely one of them. I feel lucky to have had Clark come down and hang with us for a bit. Not only was he hard-working and talented but I know I speak for everyone here at Guru when I say that he is very fun and cool guy to hang out with. It's difficult sometimes to find tattooers that possess all of these qualities in one meat suit.


Clark has a lot to offer and even more to come from this young man. I look forward to the years ahead as his light fans out!


- Aaron Della Vedova

  Owner/Tattooer Guru Tattoo San Diego


Clark was my choice for my first tattoo after looking around online and searching on google, Instagram and so on. He performed a tricep piece on me and it exceeded my expectations! I was very satisfied with the artistic work he done as well as the service he provided. He was very friendly, informative; providing all the answers I needed to take care of my tattoo as well as any concerns I had! The work space was clean and professional. The tattoo was done in a timely manner and with much care, I could tell that he took pride in his work. This being my first tattoo, I was very nervous but his patience and service made it a great experience in terms of quality and service! I would recommend anyone to Clark, he will pleasantly surprise you with his work! 

- Brandon Nguyen 


I waited years to plan out my back piece and I did my research to try and find the artist I wanted.  I went to a shop I’d been recommended and got talked into using an apprentice instead of the artist I planned on, this turned out to be a mistake.  The long and short is I wasn’t happy with what was done.  I went searching for someone who was willing to tackle my back piece, most of the people I felt confident in wanted nothing to do with the other artists work. 

I looked at Clark’s portfolio and really liked what I saw, especially two realism pieces he had done.  When I showed him my piece he didn’t just accept but seemed excited by the challenge.  We talked, made a plan and I booked a date.  Clark ended up relining and completely revamping what was there.  I am thrilled with the piece Clark finished for me.  The line work is ten times better than what I started with and the whole tattoo pops now.  The amount of work he gets done in a sitting is nothing short of impressive yet he spares no detail. 

I had a totally different experience with Clark than my first artist.  He was super confident and personable and really wanted me to be happy with my piece.  I’m looking forward to working with Clark on my sleeve I'm excited to see what he gets done when he isn’t constrained by someone else’s mistakes.   

- Jason Lafrance


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