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Sassy. Artist. Big Hair.

Originally from Saskatchewan and raised in BC, Taylor is a prairie-proud country girl with a big city attitude. Known for her lion’s mane and bad jokes, Taylor can often be found foraging in the forest or in the pit at a punk rock show. In her spare time she loves to hike and expand on her (very cool) rock & fossil collection.


She’s has been an avid art lover all of her life, pursuing fine arts at Grant MacEwan university, displaying art at various venues and shows around Western Canada, and pushing the envelope with textures and subject matter through her work. 


Taylor is your go-to for all things creepy and naturey, and is always excited to try new things and make your ideas come to life with her own twist. Her standout tattoo style focuses on high contrast dot work and a neotraditional/illustrative hybrid of custom work. Check out her enormous portfolio of available flash as well!


Taylor has an outgoing, bubbly personality and a dad-joke sense of humour. She believes that tattooing should be an Experience, so join in a fun game of Would You Rather or learn useless but awesome facts while you get tattooed. Making friends, not just clients! We guarantee you will be back for at least one more tattoo with Tay!

Instagram: @Tatty.cake

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